Our Mission

What we support

“Don’t be afraid of failure. Entrepreneurs, even social entrepreneurs, don’t always succeed. If you fail, learn from the experience and move on. Be innovative and allow others the freedom to do the same when you are giving funds to an organization. The Foundation was not set up to maintain the status quo, it was created to make a difference.” Morris Goodman

Scientific Research

Our goal is to promote public health by offering funds for scientific research activities and health related projects.


We aim to improve formal and experiential education by supporting high quality innovative programs, skill development, Israel experiences, volunteerism, and other engaging opportunities both in the Jewish and general community.

Quality of Life

We support organizations that serve populations at risk and supplement services provided through the public sector.

Organizations & Programs in North America & Israel

We promote thought leadership and strengthen communities in North America and in Israel.


Theory of change

The MRGFF triggers the pathway of change via its philanthropic investments and financial support


Annual Reports

"Our obligation is to rise to the need with strategy and to make investments that have outcomes that can be measured and replicated." - Maxyne Finkelstein, President at The MRGFF


Our Community Engagement

We build projects that aim to build the capacity of our partners and encourage best practices.

MRGFF Agora Université de Montréal

The Morris and Rosalind Goodman Agora was inaugurated on April 26, 2005, at the same time as the Jean-Coutu and Marcelle-Coutu pavilions. These three buildings form a set where the agora serves as the main entrance and meeting place.

In a context where multidisciplinary is increasingly valued in education and research circles, the presence of this place promotes exchanges and therefore plays a role in the knowledge sharing.

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The Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute (GCI)

The GCI is an internationally renowned research institution, committed to coordinating and conducting independent basic cancer research and training within a technologically advanced Institute.

Affiliated with McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, the GCI brings together the very best scientists, technicians, graduate students and research fellows. Providing an environment where investigators work together, side-by-side sharing equipment and facilities, generates an atmosphere that fosters and encourages progressive ideas and is scientifically and financially beneficial.

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Walk in Their Shoes For Change

The Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation (MRGFF) is leading an initiative to provide resources to Israelis of Ethiopian descent that will encourage long-term success through education. By providing the best higher education in Israel, we ensure that Israel’s fabric remains equal and strong in the future.

University education provides a superior level of entry into society. We will work with Hebrew and Tel Aviv Universities to ensure that talented Israelis of Ethiopian descent have the financial resources they need to pursue their academic aspirations. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive financial package that includes tuition, living expenses, tutoring, and coaching tailored to the specific needs of each Israeli student of Ethiopian descent.

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Forum for Summer Camps in Israel

Multi week over-night camp is an underdeveloped model for informal education in Israel. Research has proven the value of summer camp in developing autonomy, leadership, a sense of civic responsibility and teaching of a vast array of skills. An overnight camp is a place where children can return to for multiple summers, building a unique friendship circle as they mature. Camp is also a place where teens can set aside their “screens” for an extended period.

An intention of the project is to open the overnight camp field to all children and not just those who come from homes with significant financial capacity as has been the norm in Israel. The project focuses on the 11–16-year age cohort as they have outgrown day camp and are generally too young to work.The Forum for Summer Camp Israel serves as the managing entity and supports the organizations who are prepared to open a camp and run it for a minimum of ten nights.

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The Weizmann Institute Program for Excellence in Science Teaching

The Weizmann Program for Excellence in Science Teaching was established to empower Israel’s high school science teachers by providing them with unique opportunities to expand their knowledge and be involved in innovative professional development activities. Using a ‘teach-the-teachers’ approach, the goal of the Program is to produce top quality, well-prepared teachers who instill a sense of enthusiasm for science in their students.

This Program is a natural fit for the Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation, and aligns with their mission to improve formal and experiential education by supporting high-quality, innovative programs. The Foundation believes in access to quality education for all youth, especially in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

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Passport to Jewish Life

Passport to Jewish Life envisions a Jewish community that embraces and facilitates diverse ways of being Jewish, by offering a broad array of programs and a wide-range of entry points into Jewish life. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals in our community foster meaningful personal and communal Jewish identities, and to empower people to experience Judaism in their own way.

This unique funders collaboration is led by Federation CJA and the generosity of visionary donors and philanthropists who are deeply committed to the vitality of our Jewish community including: The Sylvan Adams Family Foundation, The Azrieli Foundation, The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation, The Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation, The Alvin Segal Family Foundation and the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal.

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CAPS (Creating Access Promoting Success) Program

The CAPS Program is designed to provide access to our Jewish Day Schools.

By freezing annual tuition from Kindergarten through grade 6 and Secondary I through V, the program gives more Jewish children the opportunity to take advantage of a high standard of educational excellence, as well as a strong Judaic-based curriculum while providing parents with long term reassurance that Jewish day school affordability is here to stay.

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CAP CampusUniversité de Montréal

Established in 2000, CAP Campus encourages academic perseverance among high school and college students by allowing them to explore different study perspectives and career.

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UPWARD New York UJA Federation of New York

Prior to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, UJA NY had begun to amplify its anti-poverty work in response to escalating needs. At the time, there were 1.7 million people in New York City living in poverty.

Back in 2017, UJA-Federation unveiled a plan to amplify its response to poverty called Upward New York. Upward New York is now well underway and the initiative’s strategic, multi-faceted approach to combatting poverty is exactly what the NY community needs in these unprecedented times. UJA NY is now expanding its approach to transition more food pantries to the digital system and open additional satellite Hubs so that they can help more people.

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Centraide of Greater Montreal

Fighting poverty requires action on several fronts. Centraide of Greater Montreal ensures that people have access to food and a roof over their heads, that youth are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, and that vulnerable and marginalized people can emerge from isolation. Local communities need support to face all of these challenges.

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