How We Work

“At the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our values. We believe that organizations are powerful platforms for social change and that we all have a responsibility to drive equality and justice for all.”


Guiding Principles

“As a Foundation concerned about safety and equity in the workplace, we encourage all grantees to strive to prevent sexual harassment and gender discrimination through policies and adherence to legal standards while providing
the necessary leadership, resources and knowledge to assure these measures are implemented and effective.”

Guiding Principles

Learning Together

Our Workshops

We offer workshops that aim to build the capacity of our partners and encourage best practices. 

The Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation organizes two training sessions per year with the aim of promoting capacity building and networking activities among our recipients. We work to offer programming relevant to the challenges faced by non-profit organizations. 

Bilingual and dynamic, the workshops aim to help community organizations beyond financial support. The objective is to create an alternative training space promoting the sharing of knowledge and the development of collective learning.  

Some of the topics included: 

· Making the most of relationships with Foundations
· Storytelling
· Collaborative learning
· Inclusion & diversity
· Meaningful philanthropic partnerships
· Organizational culture
· Artificial Intelligence

In partnership with:



All potential grantees are asked to
submit an application to the
Foundation via the granting portal.

Granting is done on a quarterly basis (March, June,
October, and December).

Apply For a Grant

Stage 1 - Basic Information

the Stage 1 application will require basic
information about the organization, the contact
person and the proposal. For this 1st stage,
applicants are expected to submit a letter of
intent containing:

  • Name of the organization
  • Charitable registration number
  • Description of the request in English or French (no more than 250 words)
  • Explanation of alignment with Foundation’s mission and areas of focus
  • Range of grant requested
  • Contact person and information
  • Brief bio(s) for the leader(s) of the project or initiative.

Hearing Back from the Foundation

A response from the Foundation will be received within thirty days indicating whether a full application should be completed via the granting portal or will be determined from the letter of intent.

Once grants are approved, an invoice is required to initiate payment.

Donation Acknowledgements

Receipts or donation acknowledgements are mandatory and expected to be forwarded to the Foundation administration by February 28th of the following year by email.